May 24 – Regular Meeting with Matt Powers

Join us May 24, at 7 p.m. in Room 101 of Balboa Park’s Casa del Prado for our regular monthly meeting. Matt Powers of “The Permaculture Student” will talk to us about Low Stress, High Yield Food Forestry.

About Matt
Matt Powers teaches permaculture and regenerative gardening and farming to families, youth, schools, and adults all over the world through his online courses, videos, and books, which are now being used on all continents (except for Antartica.) Translations of his books are already available in Spanish, Polish, and Arabic with French and Italian coming soon.

As an experienced educator with a masters degree in Education, Matt went from teaching high school students to teaching high school teachers and administrators to teaching districts and appearing at universities and conferences all over America and online, teaching permaculture and sustainable, regenerative skills and thinking.

Matt provides daily inspirational and regenerative content online and is one of the most-followed permaculture teachers online with over 30,000 Twitter followers and tens of thousands of followers in his many Facebook groups and pages ranging in topics from permaculture education to entrepreneurship to gardening to fungi & more. 

February and March Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of CRFG San Diego is the fourth Wednesday of every month. Our meetings are held at Casa Del Prado, Room 101 at Balboa Park. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the meeting beginning at 7:30 p.m. We hope to see you there! All are welcome but we do hope you’ll become a member.

For our February 22nd meeting we are pleased to announce Barry Koral will present about optimizing fruit production on small urban properties.

Barry Koral is a veganic food enthusiast and grower providing tropical fruits to the SoCal community. He is a motivational speaker for optimal living. Barry owns Koral Tropical Fruit Farm, located in Vista, CA. He is an artist who embraces the philosophy that all aspects of life are art. Since 1968, Barry has been passionately involved in preparing and growing fruits and vegetables. He was the owner/manager of a natural food store. Barry currently grows for and brokers farm fresh fruit for Ocean Beach People’s Organic Foods Market, Specialty Produce, Cream of the Crop Natural Food Store, and Seaside Market. For the past 25 years, Barry has sold fruit at numerous San Diego farmers’ markets, and he is still active at the Hillcrest Market on Sundays. Barry loves sharing his accumulated knowledge as it is an integral part of his deeper passion for the way he chooses to express life and do the most good for the planet. Barry currently farms on 1.33 acres growing 200 fruit trees and will be sharing his unique approach to optimizing fruit production on small urban properties and how to get it to market.

For our March meeting, we will host Pat Nolan, Plant Pathologist for San Diego Co. department of Ag, Weights, & Measures. She will be discussing preparation/prevention for huanglongbing, the worst disease of citrus in the world.

January Meeting – January 25, Scion Exchange!

The schedule of events for this years scion exchange is as follows:

What: Scion Exchange
When: Jan. 25 – See below for times
Where, Room 101, Casa del Prado , Balboa Park

6pm Doors open for folks to drop off scions that are appropriately labeled. Volunteers will be organizing tables.

6:30pm Scion Exchange begins for 2017 CRFG-SD members only. Arrive early to join and pay the annual dues of $10 by cash or check, or paypal in advance.

7:30pm Scion exchange opens for the general public (non-CRFG SD members)

Please bring disease free wood to share that is properly labeled with the cultivar/variety. Any cultivar that is patented is also not permitted (e.g., Spce Zee Nectaplum). Note: Apples are especially prone to fire blight and we ask you to please take care to not share wood that is, or may be diseased. Same is true for any stone fruits that have small holes in the wood, or have sap that is oozing. Please don’t bring diseased wood!

Scions should be cut to length and brought in a Ziploc bag.

Please bring whatever you need to process the wood you plan to take from the exchange, such as masking tape, bags, markers, etc. Please take only what you can reasonably use so there is enough to go around.

Agenda CRFG Board Meeting January 2017

Crfg Board MeetingThe CRFG San Diego Chapter Board Meeting

The CRFG San Diego Chapter Board Meeting takes place the first Wednesday of the month and is open to the public. Visitors are welcome, may voice their opinion, but cannot vote.

January 2017 Board Meeting Details

Time: 6 PM

Location: Marianne’s House: 7144 San Miguel Ave, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Agenda for January 2017 Board Meeting

  1. Vision discussion…fluidity! (Keep it short as we can return to this throughout the year)
  2. Scion Exchange individual roles and responsibilities
  3. Speaker lineup brainstorm (need to nail down Feb/Mar)

    Grafting workshop timeline

  5. Bare-root and blackberry ordering
  6. 2016 volunteer recap (Fang)
  7. Beginning calendar of events
  8. Board communication plan
  9. Recording of meetings plan–events, you tube, historical record etc.
  10. Treasurer! Need to add another board member to Bank acct. ASAP
  11. Budget

    Other topics that can come up in this meeting or later as time allows —
    Holiday party
    Special meeting protocol
    Field trips
    Membership person

  12. Propose items for February agenda

December Meeting and Holiday Party – Dec. 16

Come celebrate the Holidays with your friends and fellow fruit growers, this Friday, Dec. 16. Doors will open at 6:30 pm and the celebration begins at 7 pm. We’ll gather at our normal meeting location, Room 101 of the Casa Del Prado in Balboa Park. We’ll provide the turkey and ham in our traditional potluck style feast, so please plan to bring a side dish. Any questions about the event should be directed to our Holiday Party Committee Chair, Roger Pollard.

If you’re interested in participating in the gift exchange as done in the past, bring a small unwrapped present along.

What: Holiday Celebration
When: Dec. 16 – doors open at 6:30, celebration begins at 7 pm
Where, Room 101, Casa Del Prado , Balboa Park