January Meeting – January 25, Scion Exchange!

The schedule of events for this years scion exchange is as follows:

What: Scion Exchange
When: Jan. 25 – See below for times
Where, Room 101, Casa del Prado , Balboa Park

6pm Doors open for folks to drop off scions that are appropriately labeled. Volunteers will be organizing tables.

6:30pm Scion Exchange begins for 2017 CRFG-SD members only. Arrive early to join and pay the annual dues of $10 by cash or check, or paypal in advance.

7:30pm Scion exchange opens for the general public (non-CRFG SD members)

Please bring disease free wood to share that is properly labeled with the cultivar/variety. Any cultivar that is patented is also not permitted (e.g., Spce Zee Nectaplum). Note: Apples are especially prone to fire blight and we ask you to please take care to not share wood that is, or may be diseased. Same is true for any stone fruits that have small holes in the wood, or have sap that is oozing. Please don’t bring diseased wood!

Scions should be cut to length and brought in a Ziploc bag.

Please bring whatever you need to process the wood you plan to take from the exchange, such as masking tape, bags, markers, etc. Please take only what you can reasonably use so there is enough to go around.