The San Diego Chapter of CRFG provides the following benefits to its members:

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CRFG Articles
Besides articles published in our newsletter, Chapter members have published many interesting and educational gardening articles. Some of these articles can be found here.

Chapter members perform introductory classes to different interest groups. Some of their past presentations are located here

Monthly Newsletter 
Every month, a couple of days before our regular meeting, member receive our informative newsletter. To view our recent and past issues click here

Opportunity Table
At each meeting, members donate plants to the chapters. These are available through our opportunity table.

Plant Exchange
We also encourage our members to exchange plant materials by publishing the Wish List column on our monthly newsletter.

Fruit Tasting
Each month, members bring fruit from their trees to share (actually, to brag, but we don’t publicly admit it!!) them with the members. You will be pleasantly surprised each month!

We have a modest but informative library which you can check out books.

Field Trips
During spring and summer we occasionally organize trips to local nurseries or gardens. For up coming field trips check our calendar of events.

SOP & R (Chapter Bylaws)
Our Chapter follows the membership approved Standard Operating Procedures and Rules (10/2007)

SD Chapter Committees
Participate and volunteer in the Committees that suit you. You will get more out of your membership when you actively participate. CRFG, San Diego Chapter Committees

*We never sell or rent your email address or personal information with anyone. Please read our California Rare Fruit Growers, San Diego Chapter, Privacy Policy