CRFG Articles

CRFG Articles

Besides articles published in our Newsletter, Chapter members have published many interesting and educational gardenging articles. Here are some:

1. How to Collect Scion Wood for our Annual Exchange By Tom Del Hotal

2. Recommended Low Chill Fruits for San Diego By Tom Del Hotal

3. Grafting by Leo Manuel

4. Evergreen Fruit Trees for Hedges By Tom Del Hotal

5. Natural Target Pruning by Tom Del Hotal

6. Why NOT to Top Trees By Tom Del Hotal

7. Reasons to Prune Fruit Trees By Tom Del Hotal

8. Pruning Tips By Tom Del Hotal

9. New Citrus Varieties By Tom Del Hotal

10. Fall and Winter Care of Deciduous Fruit Trees By Tom Del Hotal

11. Air-Layering Simplified By Tom Del Hotal

12. Spring and Summer Care of Deciduous By Tom Del Hotal.

13. Nut Varieties By Tom Del Hotal.

14. How To Hand Pollinate Cherimoya Flowers By Tom Del Hotal.

15. Nutrients Found In Nuts and Seeds By Tom Del Hotal.

16. How To Make a Simple Compost Tea – Kotnik 2012 By Ben Kotnik.

17. Web Soil Survey and Soil Data Mart How-To Guide By Ben Kotnik.

18. Cherimoya Seed Germination Observations By Ben Kotnik.

19. Pomegranate Cultivars By Tom Del Hotal

20. Backyard Orchard Culture 2012 By Tom Spellman

21. DWN blueberry flyer By Tom Spellman

22. Harvest Dates 2013 By Tom Spellman

23. Low-chill Varieties By Tom Spellman

24. Toms’ Top 21 By Tom Spellman